Main Passenger Club offers comprehensive solutions for managing private and corporate assets in the EU, USA, CIS and worldwide. We are here in order to make financial and asset management simpler and more efficient so that our customers can save both time and cut their expenses through our experienced services.

We have representation offices all around the world: Moscow, Kiev, Hong Kong, Paris, Cote d’Azure

And dedicated partners in Marbella, Caribean Islands and South & North America

We provide:

Corporate Service

  • Handling, licensing and leasing services including aviation and marine management.
  • Operational management of the companies.
  • Business life management
  • Business consulting

Travel related Service

  • Supervision in major airports, VIP arrangements.
  • Finding most comfortable and money saving travel solutions for corporate executives.
  • Corporate rates in major city’s & resorts.
  • Yachts, charters, helicopters, rentl cars arrangements.
  • Frequent flyer’s programs management/ planning.
  • Travelling Visa arrangements.

Concierge services

  • Personal Concierge services offered to our clients vary upon the package selected.
  • Private life management.